ClickThai Dict DE 2.3.2


Thai/German Dictionary with instantaneous search for German, Transcription, Thai

The big ClickThai Dictionary Thai / German is the ideal traveling companion. Installed in the phone it is always available when it is needed.

The vocabulary is impressive: almost 50, 000 Thai- and 64, 000 German words are waiting for the lightning-fast search. Not only the words for everyday use are included. There are also many technical terms, i. e. from medicine and technology, to assist you in the workshop or when visiting a doctor.

An input support for all three search directions ensures that the search word must be entered not completely. Starting with the third entered character, all the words that match the incomplete search word are displayed. As soon as the wanted word becomes visible, it only needs to be touched to immediately display the translation result. This is a great help especially for Thai words.

A search for phonetic transcription allows to enter a word as it was heard. Regardless of pitch or vowel lengths even complicated Thai words are found this way.

Almost half of the Thai words have sound files that can be auditioned so often as needed. Let it listen your Thai-conversational partner, so he understands what you want to express.

The search results provides the direct hits and also such words that are included in, or contain the search term. Thus it is easy to select a better fitting word. The direct hits part of the search results list is sorted so that the most frequently used words appear at the top. So you can be sure that you'll not select a rarely used word, for example, from Pali and Sanskrit or from the royal language, where it is not appropriate. But of course such words are included in the vocabulary, and if you encountered one, you will also find the translation for it.

The vocabulary is constantly being expanded and new sound files are added. Updates are available for free in the long run.

Program, keyboard, and data are separated. This means that the current database is loaded after the program installation. Because the data packet is quite large with around 170 megabytes, you can download it directly from the ClickThai website on your desktop machine and copy it onto the memory card of your smartphone.

An appropriate Thai keyboard for the program is available free of charge at the Market (ClickThai keyboard).

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